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Lunar New Year 2022 (Vietnamese New Year)

Lunar New Year, or “Tết”, marks the beginning of the year whose calendar months are the cycles of the moon. It is a time of friendship, family, and remembering our ancestors. On the celebration day, you wish your relative a happy new year and in return, you may receive a red envelope, or “lì xì”, which contains money!

This new year’s day was very fun (We celebrated early lol). On Friday, January 28, my cousin came over from SoCal for the holidays. We helped my cousin unpack and unfortunately, I still had to do homework… Sad 😥. I ended up playing with him for 15 minutes and I went to sleep.

The next day was an exciting day. I got up, brushed my teeth, ate breakfast, and went on a walk with my cousin. When we got home, we left for my other cousin’s house. We played video games for a little bit and went down to eat lunch. We wore our traditional Vietnamese long dresses, or áo dài, and went outside and lit firecrackers🧨! BOOM! We took pictures and I got attacked (No, not really) by a dog. We went into the house again and played more video games. Then, we ate dinner and wished everyone a happy new year! I got $76 from the red envelopes. Then we went to play video games until 9 pm. We went home, showered, brushed our teeth, and went to sleep.

I woke up at around 8:30 the next day. I got dressed and went to church. At around 10:30, we got out and picked up my cousin at my house. We drove down to my other cousin’s house and wore our áo dài again. We took pictures in a field of flowers and went home to eat lunch. We said goodbye to our cousins and visited some friends. We played with them a little bit and went home. I went to shower and started writing this blog. Now I’m finished lol.

The end.


Me getting "attacked" (not really) by a dog. (I'm in the red dress)


Firecrackers🧨! BOOM!

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1 comentário

Rachel Nguyen
Rachel Nguyen
31 de jan. de 2022

My favorite part of Tét is the money. My least favorite part is the firecrackers because they are so loud.

It sounds like you had a fun and eventful holiday!

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