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So Close but Yet So Far

The Almaden Quicksilver Park is a historical site that contains the remnants of a mercury mine that dates back to the California Gold Rush in the 19th century. This site used to be to second-largest mercury mine in the world

The Almaden Quicksilver is located in Almaden Valley next to the suburban area in South San Jose. This park is a great choice to exercise or relax. If you are just visiting San Jose, you may want to spend some time here and immerge yourself in the landscape that is surrounded by rolling hills. You can travel around the park by walking, biking, or on a horse.

There are many entrances into the Almaden Quicksilver. The main entrances are at Mockingbird Hill Lane, the Hacienda Entrance which is on Almaden Rd, and the Wood Road Entrance which is on Hicks Road.

If you will ever be visiting the San Francisco Bay Area, the Almaden Quicksilver is one of the sites you would want to go to.

The view of the Guadalupe Reservoir from the Mine Hill Trail


View of suburban South San Jose from the Randol Trail


San Jose Skyline from Mine Hill Trail


Mt. Umunhum from Mine Hill Trail


Mt Hamilton/Lick Observatory from Mine Hill Trail

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